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L’azzurro srl is a landmark in the fishing, marketing, importation, distribution, storage and conservation of fresh, deep-frozen fish products. Our headquarters is located in Chioggia, in the heart of one of the most famous fish market not only in Italy but also abroad.

We get to the entire Europe

Our organization allows us to directly import the best products coming from the markets of whole Europe. Our managers are constantly in contact with the several national and international contacts in order to select the fish with the best quality-price ratio, offering to our customers the choice between hundreds of different species, all guaranteed by our ten years of experience.

Local Fish 100%
Satisfied Customers 100%
Efficiency of Deliveries 100%
Customer’s Requests Satisfied 99%


The constant commitment of L’Azzurro srl in the research and development of new product lines, also with the active collaboration of its customers, who are out-and-out commercial partners. We try to improve and update ourselves about new production processes every day, conservation and manufacturing of the fish in order to grant our costumers the maximum in quality and competitive prices terms. The entry in new markets and the reinforcement of the existing ones, represents the first constant thought of L’ azzurro srl.

Organization and Efficiency

Our staff supply the selection of the best fish products of the market thanks to its strong partnerships with the producers and exporters. We import fresh fish in daily arrivals directly from Chioggia, Goro, Ancona, San Benedetto, Manfredonia, Mazzara del Vallo and Jugoslavia. This grants us the excellence in Italy but also abroad, in fact    we provide our products up to the Northern Europe countries.

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