chioggia antica porta garibaldi in secca

The wholesale fish market of Chioggia is one of the most celebrated in Italy and it is located in the centre of a productive structure which goes from the fisherman harbour port, where berths one of the largest Italian fishing fleet, to a set of importation, manufacturing, storage and transformation industries.
It constitutes the fundamental centre of the Chioggia’s fishing industry and it follows the evolution of the city’s the commercial needs.

The fish market which can be still admired today, was established in 1960. It is a structure built on the Cantieri Isle, between the two channel ports of Lusenzo and San Domenico and connected thanks to the reclamation of a short part of the channel to the lagoon bridge which connects Chioggia to the near city of Sottomarina.
It has got a surface of 11000 square meters., 5000 of them covered by a large central pavilion, two big side uncovered yards used for the berth of the fish boats. Three new 2-floors mansions, located at the entry of the market. They host the direction, the Market counter, the bar, the veterinary surgeon and surveillance service offices, the assembly room , the porters caravan , port authorities and toilettes.
Due to the fact that in the Chioggia’s fish market are marketed at the same time local products and importation products entails a great interest from merchants coming from even very far locations. Today all the species and qualities of fresh, conserved, deep-frozen , transformed, smoked, dehydrated and packed products are marketed coming from every part of the world.