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All these products are fresh when they arrive in Italy every week. Our managers are constantly in contact with the several national and international contacts in order to select the fish with the best quality-price ratio, offering to our customers the choice between hundreds of different species, all guaranteed by our ten years of experience. The efficiency of the distribution is guaranteed by a large autonomous vehicles spare. We deliver fresh fish in the entire north-east of Italy but we extend it to the entire country, with the possibility to deliver fresh and deep-frozen fish thanks to our refrigerator vans driven by transporters directly selected by the company.

The products you find below are the most requested and sold by L’Azzurro srl. If you need more information about other types of fish out of this list, please contact us in the dedicated contact us area.

Our fish makings:

  • Fillet of gilthead, see bass, sardine and anchovy.
  • Making of Pecten jacobaeus and queen scallop from abroad and Italy as well
Making of cleaned defrosted fish: cuttle-fish of different sizes
  • Cuttle-fish of different sizes
  • Octopus of different sizes
  • Eggs of cuttle-fish
Each quality of fish has got its seasonality, overall the Chioggia’s one and thus the product will be available in definite periods of the year.
For example in the period of the red-tuna it is possible to buy the Chioggia’s tuna steak.

Types of deep-frozen products:

  • Frozen on boat: fished and frozen on the boat
  • Frozen on the ground: fished and then, in a second time frozen at the berth of the boat.
Types of ichthyic breeding areas:

France, Scotland, Netherland, Spain, Marocco, Italy, England, Norway, South Africa and Croatia.

Typologies of fish bred in Italy:

  • See-bass
  • Gilthead
  • Mullets
  • Atherines
  • Carps
  • Conger eels
Typologies of fish bred abroad:
  • Fillet of bass
  • Iridescent shark fillet
  • Half Pecten jacobaeus
  • Halibut fillett
  • Codfish fillet
  • Vacuum-sealed tuna steak
  • Vacuum-sealed swordfish steak
  • Flounder fillet
  • Fresh salmon
  • Salmon fillet